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10 Quotes By Famous Artists

10 Quotes By Famous Artists. To my eyes, an artist becomes famous when he or she is able to bring a positive emotional message through their work beyond their years on Earth. Here are 10 Quotes By Famous Artists that will make you think and feel through their words and not their artwork. 1.  ...

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NHL Database: Sergei Fedorov

NHL Database: Sergei Fedorov. On my third installment of NHL Database, I have selected to write about Sergei Fedorov. The NHL Database articles will feature my favorite players from the past. I will discuss about their achievements and playing styles. Each one of these great players will have  ...

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Vladimir Vysotsky My Gypsy Song

Vladimir Vysotsky My Gypsy Song. One of my favorite songs growing up was Vladimir Vysotsky’s My Gypsy Song. Listening to this song recently, I was so happy to still feel love for this masterpiece. Vladimir Vysotsky was an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, poet, and actor. Born in  ...

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Gustav Klimt’s Mada Primavesi

Gustav Klimt’s Mada Primavesi. Painted in 1912, Gustav Klimt’s Mada Primavesi brings out a balance between hopes and strength. As Mada Primavesi’s (Eugenia Primavesi) pose suggests, Mr. Klimt shows us that this girl will be one strong person. Already showing signs of a person  ...

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