7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings.

In this article, I will share with you 7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings. Each composition is breathtaking, being able to delve deep into our creative hearts. A wonderful book to read would by Vincent Van Gogh Complete Works.

The Starry Night (1889)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Probably the most famous painting created by Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night is a view from the window of his asylum room. An incredible effect of the circular wind, combined with the general ascention from lower left to right, makes this a geometrical masterpiece. The artistic and intellectual element is not forgotten. How expressive are these stars? The sky sparkles amongst a dimmed town unable to understand our dear Van Gogh.

Bedroom at Arles (1888)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

The Bedroom at Arles is Van Gogh’s third of five versions with this title. What a positive gift he had, making it possible to create a “distorted” vision so elegantly. This ability to make you feel like the furniture could actually look that way is magnificent. Just the very thought of Van Gogh sleeping, while the bed falls on top of him, always brought worry to my heart. It is wonderful to see him creating bold and bright paintings. No wonder Van Gogh considered Bedroom at Arles one of his personal favorites.

Still Life: Vase With Twelve Sunflowers (1888-1889)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

The Still Life: Vase With Twelve Sunflowers by Van Gogh, along with his other Sunflower collection, were supposed to be hung on the Yellow House in Arles, where Artist Paul Gaugin would have stayed. Due to their sad rift, the wonderful sunflowers were put to an exhibition. It is very important to dissect every sunflower. As you can see, most of them erroded to lifeless beings, and thus shows us how much hope Van Gogh has towards humanity. A glimmer of spark still occurs on the canvas. Not all hope is lost. Such a creation deserves to be in the most famous Van Gogh paintings.

Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

A compassionate view with which Van Gogh portrays his doctor shows us plenty. At first, Van Gogh did not think highly of the doctor by saying: “He is sicker than I am, I think, or shall we say just as much…” But later, Vincent’s view point changed, saying that he found a true friend. Having some melancholy in the doctor’s face shows us how Van Gogh thought of him quite highly quite. An ability to sympathize with the great artist must have been noticed by Vincent.

Cafe Terrace at Night (1888)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Imagine how wonderful it is to know that anyone can stand in the very spot that Van Gogh was creating this painting. So many enlightening conversations must have taken in this coffee house. Look at the way Van Gogh emphasized a specific area. This technique makes you focus on the bright lights. A deceptive mechanism to steer us away from focusing on the people outside the cafe. The yellow and orange colors can shine loudly, making you look past one of the reasons why I include this in Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. It is the people that should be focused on here. You definitely see how calmly they walk. Those sitting are in a strong posture. A nice contrast between the two. Having his famous stars shine at night, elevates this beauty to the skies.

Self Portrait of 1889 (1889)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

The beauty of Van Gogh’s Self Portrait of 1889 lies in his ability to combine elegance with exhuberent colors. Vincent is emotionally and energetically expressive, sharing with us what he stated his “true character” was. It did not matter how much misunderstood Vincent was to some, HE knew his own temperament: Bright and Deep. This work is one of the most famous Van Gogh paintings, because of his incredible gaze at you that goes deep inside your heart. You can stare at them and learn about yourself. He teaches us to be humble and to understand that life is hard. The sheer beauty in the revolving areas solidifies our love for this painting.

Wheatfields with Crows (1890)

7 Most Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Perhaps considered the most famous Van Gogh paintings, Wheatfields with Crows has been subject of much debate on it being his last painting. Nevertheless, the agitated Vincent beams the bright yellow as if fighting with the dark skies. As the Crows give us a sense of complete commotion, the pathway towards the moon must be his premonition of death. To me, Van Gogh does not bow out as a weak man, but battles all the way till the end, expressed through his bright Wheatfields. While the sky darkens this painting, adding help from these Crows, the path is settled with an ability to weave around. Knowledge combines inner strength with an ability to adjust your direction. Vincent Van Gogh found a way to show us this through Wheatfields with Crows.

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