A Broken Link Checker Tool Vital For Your Blog

A broken link checker tool vital for your blog.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to write an article or sharing it with the world, now you have to think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Your thoughts have been focused on expressing the inner you. I know that meta tags were not on my mind when writing an article about Coconut Water. This was the problem. Nobody explained to me the importance of having a title that would have good keywords for Google Search to find this article. Once I started to gain more knowledge about this important matter, it was too late, because I already made a permalink for this article and wouldn’t be able to change it. Right? Wrong… This is why a broken link checker is vital for your blog.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins that redirect your original permalink to a new link. Why is this broken link checker important? As an example, my Coconut Water article was shared multiple times on various social media platforms. After changing the permalink, to get more traffic from Google Search, those shared posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other tools for promotion became basically obsolete. I would see a 404 broken link error. Such an annoyance as you can imagine. I was not knowledgeable enough to understand that there could be a way out of this horrific predicament. Luckily, after researching through YouTube videos and reading posts from Flipboard, I realized that WordPress had such a plug-in.

After doing my homework, I chose Redirection. An easy process to download and activate, Redirection helps you easily transfer your broken permalink to the new, SEO enhanced link. It is important to use a broken check linker exactly for this purpose. I have used this helpful tool many times already. Not only can Redirection transfer your articles within a particular website, but it is possible to even migrate an old website with your new one. All your worry of not being able to have your old content is solved. Your freedom is here. Keep creating articles and comfortably share.

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