A Philadelphia Foodie Should Try Jane G’s Restaurant

A Philadelphia foodie should try Jane G’s restaurant.

I consider myself a Philadelphia Foodie. I love to eat out a lot of the time. Having a busy schedule writing articles and sharing them with the public is a time consuming profession. I notice that hunger sets in after a long day’s work. One of my favorite go to places in Philadelphia is Jane G’s Restaurant. Opened in the Fall of 2012, Jane G’s is located on the corner of 20th and Chestnut Street. Their restaurant is focused primarily on Szechuan Chinese cuisine. Having an awesome entrance is just part of their perks. Once inside, you can definitely feel a New York City vibe that is filled with beautiful lights, space, and comfortable seating. The bar is esthetically pleasing, and they have enough variety of wine and beer for you not to feel out of place. Not a drinker? No problem, there are plenty of choices: water, coca cola, and hot tea. I do not ask if they have coffee specialty drinks, because I will be having some in Capital One 360.

I like to visit there during their happy hour or late at night. A wonderful happy hour is makes life so much better. You can sit at the bar or outside. If you do, definitely try their shrimp in wasabi sauce. It costs $5 and is really worth the price. Being spicy a bit, you can down a nice beer or some refreshing water. During the dinner time, Dry Pepper Chicken should be renamed Arshak the Philadelphia Foodie. Everyone already knows what I will get, and thankfully they know that I like the least spiciest version of this yummy goodness every time.

Recently, they opened a second restaurant: Dim Sum House. Located on 3939 Chestnut St., Dim Sum House is a huge location. Having up to 5 different dining rooms, they definitely have swung a home run. How can I say anything different when there is a pool table at the premises? What a way to live, eat some delicious food and then play a fun game with friends.

The staff Jane Guo has chosen are top notch. They will converse with you and bring a homey atmosphere inside their restaurant. The worst thing that can happen is when you eat something (or somewhere), and you are stressed due to the food tasting poorly or the staff behaving rudely. My stomach always hurts when this happens, making me feel really disappointed. Well, at Jane G’s, this has never happened. Enjoy the ambience and wonderful food. Are you a Philadelphia Foodie? Comment below your experiences with this restaurant. You are in for a treat.

Jane G’s Restaurant

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