A Review of Jasmine Rice

A review of Jasmine Rice.

My wife and I recently visited Jasmine Rice on 306 S 16th St. in Philadelphia. It is the second time we have eaten at this location. 

With a very intimate setting, the ambience brings a nice setting to our eyes. 

We started our lunch with their Thai Iced Tea.

What a beautiful sight this Thai Iced Tea brings to our eyes, imagine a glacier on Mars. We did not want to drink this creation, because of its allure. So I took a picture of it to keep in my memory if I ever became senile.

Once we tasted the drink, we both could not keep the glass on the table. I love this beverage in general, but the Thai Iced Tea here really tasted well and the portion was definitely good.

Then, we ordered two dishes: Fried Jasmine Rice (Beef) & Ginger Garlic Stir Fried (Beef)

We were in awe from the vibrant colors shared with us by their chef. Such an artistic display for something we “have” to eat. What a difficult task it is. But we definitely started to eat and from our first bite, we knew the plate would be finished. How better to show the chef our feelings towards his creation? The flavor was not overbearing, like with all exquisite art forms. Never pushing it’s taste to a person. The healthy greens with the rice and beef really found out an incredible experience taste wise.

Then there is the owner of Jasmine Rice, Tom Jamavan. It is the second time we had the pleasure to meet with him, the first being his other restaurant location (224 Market St.). Such a humble and tactful person Tom is, being so happy to be a small business owner. His kindness to everyone around the restaurant really makes a customer feel like our business is not being taken for granted. To have an intimate setting, an incredible chef, and a really cool person as an owner of a restaurant is quite rare, that is why we wholeheartedly recommend anyone in the area and visitors to try out Jasmine Rice. You definitely will feel like a family with Tom there.

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