A Review of Wild Ginger

A review of Wild Ginger.

There is only one place I love to dine every single time: Wild Ginger. This wonderful restaurant offers Chinese and fusion cuisines.

Located on 48 Great Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY, Wild Ginger really fits the neighborhood. Great Neck is a beautiful place. You can calmly walk and immerse yourself in the nature’s beauty. It is only fitting that when you enter Wild Ginger the harmony between nature and their restaurant works so well.

Always someone there to greet you with open arms, I feel at home in this oasis every time. Upon entering Wild Ginger, their beautifully placed bar definitely makes an impression.

After speaking with several workers at Wild Ginger, I sit down a comfortable chair and have a rough time deciding which dish to go with at the moment.

A beautiful tree right underneath the sun leaves an impression on me, as if I am in a resort. No wonder I have to take my time choosing what to order. It is also due to the atmosphere of calm and meditation. Luckily though, the staff does not pressure me to order right away.

For the most part, I will choose Sesame Chicken as my go to choice. If I am not eating carbs, then I ask for no rice, even though their Jasmine rice is incredible. It really blends so well with the dish. The lunch special brings just enough portion and the taste is insanely great. The sauce is sweet, but not too sweet. The chicken is crispy on the sides but soft inside. I really can’t get enough of this dish and would eat it everyday.

If I am in a carb mood, then I will have their amazing soba noodles. This dish really gets me to a happy place. Again there is harmony here by not overstuffing a person, but keeping you satisfied and satiated.

I highly recommend Wild Ginger for anyone ready to have a great time: people, food, and place. 10 out of 10.

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