A Revolution Taco Explored

A revolution taco explored.

When you think about a revolution, usually what comes to mind is the American, French, or Russian revolution. Maybe even the “Revolutionary” Etude by composer Frederic Chopin for those classically inclined. 

But, there is a new revolution in town and it’s name is Revolution Taco. Located on 2015 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Carolyn Nguyen and Michael Sultan decided to expand their food truck concept and opened the restaurant.

It was my second time going to Revolution Taco, right after working on my father’s music in a local cafe gem, Saxbys. 

When I entered the Revolution Taco, I liked their decor, with the natural colors, seating areas, and spice station. 

For the second time, I ordered 2 Gold Angus Ground Beef Tacos (includes the 2 tortilla, ground beef, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese blend, and lime creme).

This time though, I was in my no-carb mode and ate the inside part of the taco. Because the portion is quite big, I felt just about right concerning being full. The taste was magnificent, blending various ingredients in an awesome manner with a little kick.

The one aspect I will say that is on the more negative side is the price. I believe the Revolution Taco could have priced their tacos about .50-1.00 dollar less than they did. But overall, I have to say that these tacos are really good and will be there more often than not.

Overall: 8 out of 10.

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