Atlantic City, a Changing Scene

Atlantic City, a changing scene.

I always think of Atlantic City with dual feelings. The first is with sadness that a lot of people have lost their money and with it everything else that comes after. This one fact alone makes a lot of people happy that Atlantic City is in a very depressed state as of now. But looking at this through only that way, in my opinion, does not really delve into the subject very far.

There are those people like myself who feels sad that many stores (Businesses/Jobs) are closing left and right: Kenneth Cole, Bebe, Armani Exchange, and many more. The whole area of The Playground Pier (formerly called The Pier Shops) looks completely abandoned, frightening for those who remember it thriving. How many people really did/have been able to pay their rent, because of their jobs in Atlantic City.

A different way to look at those people who have lost money gambling is that their greed made them lose their money. This viewpoint one has to take into account. Most times, players play the games like blackjack without any real knowledge of when to hit or stay (a game term of taking a card or holding the cards you have). For instance, if a player won $30 in 5 minutes, why not leave? Do they not see that $30 in 5 minutes would equate to $360 an hour? That is an insane amount to make in an hour. But the human greed makes one not see this “paycheck.”

Aside from this, of course, as a human being that cares about people, I feel sad when these people do not know when to stop. Many times, when I play and see the person has a good chance to leave with something, I advise them to go and enjoy themselves with the money they won.

My second feeling is an excited one when thinking about Atlantic City. So many great memories have been made here. My time with my family and friends have been one of the most fun and exciting times. The beautiful beach, boardwalk, and rooms at Bally’s & Harrah’s have most often than not brought a smile to my face. The swimming pools in those places are strikingly beautiful. You walk around and no matter if there are many people or not, the casino is alive energy wise and sometimes you can catch a beautiful glimpse of life when you have the chance to notice it.

Like everything in life, one can always find something negative and/or positive. The balance is important, because I do not want to be oblivious of either. It is up to the person to be able to make the positive in all situations and so whenever you have a chance to help, do so with an open heart. Sometimes you will be heard and other times you won’t. In the end though, you have to enjoy everything and everywhere you are, because you can find beauty somewhere.

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