Autonomous Car Trends Continues With Lyft

Autonomous car trends continues with Lyft.

Lyft has partnered with to bring autonomous cars to the streets of San Francisco. The transportation company said on Thursday that self-driving vehicles will be available to certain customers who request a ride through their app.

Lyft joins the autonomous car trends movement a bit too late. Uber has been working on their own self-driving cars for the past two year. Giants, like Google, Apple, Ford, and Tesla, have also launched autonomous vehicle projects. A safe ride is something all companies are chasing. All of the self-driving cars on the Lyft program will come with a trained safety driver.

Lyft does not have a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test self-driving cars, but does. They received this testing permit in April 2016. is a Silicon Valley startup that produces artificial intelligence for autonomous cars. Located in Mountain View, California, was founded in 2015. “We’re working with Lyft in the Bay Area, on several different vehicles,” Prsident and Co-Founder Carol Reiley said. “We’re going to start small, and scale out. The three things we want to focus on are first safety, and second creating a unique experience for riders for how AVs could be and then educating the population about AV technology. And then third, we would then figure out of Lyft’s over 350 cities we would want to go in the future.”

Lyft Director of Product for Self-Driving Taggart Matthiesen explained: “Really the goal here is to connect our passengers with the world’s best autonomous technology; is a great example of that. We want to work with them to accelerate their technology, we want to create a safe and consistent experience for our passengers, and while we’re starting small here from a pilot perspective, over time the goal is that we slowly and surely grow these rides across our entire platform.” It is a perfect alliance continuing the autonomous car trends.

Based in San Francisco, Lyft was launched in 2012. The transportation network company originally was a service of Zimride, which was a long distance ride-sharing company. In 2013, the company officially changed their name from Zimride to Lyft.

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