BEST BRUCE LEE MOVIE – The Way of the Dragon

BEST BRUCE LEE MOVIE – The Way of the Dragon.

It is my opinion that the Best Bruce Lee Movie is The Way of the Dragon. I will go further and say it is my favorite martial arts movie of all time. From the first moment when we see Bruce Lee, you have a feeling like this will be a special movie. You get to see the magical beauty of Rome, the hairy chest of Chuck Norris, and a cobra like sequence done by Bruce. Can anyone beat that? Nope. Sorry.

There is no better fight scene ever than Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. The “improvisational” technique displayed by Mr. Lee just further enhances his idea to be loose and not rigid. Chuck shows a very stern and non-flexible variant of Karate. It is this important feature and point that Bruce tries to demonstrate in this masterpiece. This is partly the reason why it is the best Bruce Lee movie.

The importance of fluidity without set boundaries. This genius was exemplified by various incredible artists and poets. To see it done through battle is outstanding. Their fight, or choreography​ if you will, is top notch, focusing on a circular motion, that remind me of some paintings by Marc Chagall.

The main evil brute of this film does not have any fighting talent, but uses money as a means to let the handymen do the dirty work. Through betrayals, Martial Arts experts, and hired killers, Bruce Lee’s character prevails, while taking a lot of hits as well.

You can also notice how Mr. Lee, as an actor and a creative mind, thinks many steps ahead. He is not a motion by motion mover. You can tell, by looking at his face, how each step is thought out, as if not wanting to overstep any situation. This is an incredible way of life that many should start noticing and adhering to. Whenever you are planning to do something, however miniscule you think the action is, think ahead. This way you will not either make a mistake or much worse ruin someone else’s forward motion.

Bruce Lee was a genius and it is such a pity we did not get to see more of him and how he would have progressed as time passed by.

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