Best TV Series On Prime – Dynasty – Part 1

Best TV Series On Prime – Dynasty – Part 1

After watching Dynasty numerous times throughout my life, I can truly say that this show is my favorite one ever. That would be a good reason why I believe it is the best TV series on prime. Famous for their lavish decor and clothing, Dynasty is more than something esthetically pleasing to the eye for those who want to notice. There are lessons to be learned in the psychology of human behavior through this show. Combine this wealth of knowledge with lessons in kindness, deceit, and a strict, rough business world, and there you have a TV show that truly stands. The difference between movies and shows of the past is they had an ability to show true beauty either through the music scoring or display some wonderful acting by amazing performers like John Forsythe and company.

The story revolves around Blake Carrington and his family. He singlehandedly rose to the top, with several horrible decisions made. Easy to say from my cellphone writing this article. He is shown quite unpleasant in the first shortened season. Because of his horrific acts in the beginning, one can have a distasteful feeling towards Blake. It is very important to try to view the first season as a set up. You see how his character slowly transforms from the second season on till the end. You get to see a person flawed, for sure, but having a true potential (strict and all) to be a good person. His strength lies in battling through numerous obstacles. As you will see, those who try to harm him are no better, but I would say way worse than Blake. So my advice is to watch the first season and try your hardest not to hate him.

Hate only makes you shortsighted and your vision will miss the good aspects of his life. I would give this advice about everyone. It is truly easy to dismiss anyone on this Earth, because you disagree with him/her. Having hate in your heart, especially to those you have not even met, will make you miss the good that they do. If you are so inclined, help them see a different perspective if you truly know you’re right. Otherwise, observe how things are developing. As a person hopefully evolves as they grow older, you cannot bring bitterness to your own life by your displeasure about someone. Keep in mind that you could be working on something within yourself that makes you upset, and you are only transferring your own faults to other people. All I am saying, keep an open mind. Due to this factor alone, I can highly recommend Dynasty as the best TV series on prime.

The best acting combination in my opinion on this show is Blake’s relationship with his daughter Fallon, played perfectly by Pamela Sue Martin. Her sometimes aloof performance shows depth, because Fallon is a very smart person. Knowing that she has faults of falling in love with the wrong people, she can still make decisions that change an outcome of a situation. John Forsythe’s tenderness and loving work with Pamela really brings a beautiful side to this show. Under their true love for each other, you can tell that both people, under the right situation, have a potential to be great. Constant distraction by haters makes these characters fall into the habit of being stern, in Blake’s case, or aloof, in Fallon’s case. A lesson to be learned here? No matter who or how many people are bitter about your life, do not change your own self for anybody. If you are kind, be kind. You do not need to be understood by people who are angry or arrogant.

To be continued…

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