Best Value Copy is Wonderful

Best Value Copy is wonderful.

The only place I make book copies for my father’s and my sheet music is at Best Value Copy. Located on 52-08 Grand Avenue Suite 204, Maspeth, NY, Best Value Copy really does a great job in customer service and the printing job. Their prices are fantastic as well.

The process to make these books is fantastic. Choosing the exact bind, how many pages should be double sided, and other technical details can be taxing. If these pages or any other kind of mistake happens, then you must redo all the work and start from scratch. This is why customer service has to be top notch. It is not a pleasant feeling to argue and show a company’s faults and errors. If you find someone that makes this process non-aggravating, then definitely stick with them.

It is always a meticulous work to create these music scores. The process is long but super important. I have to create a Word document with the front page, a title page, an ISBN number page, Iosif Andriasov’s timeline, about the actual composition. Then, I scan the music composition. After this process, I create the IMMA Publishing Co. page, and find information for the back of this book.

All the Word documents are then made into a PDF format. After that, I merge the PDF pages and make it into one PDF. Sometimes, the pages do not align in fours and so I have to correct the PDF by adding a blank page for Best Value Copy to be able to print the work correctly. After all of this work, once it is finished, they will make the score beautiful in a printed version. Check out The Idea Behind Iosif Andriasov’s Music Score to read in detail about the development of my father’s music scores.

Once I open the box, there is always a little bit of worry from my end. Of course there will be, this work and process was difficult and seeing an error can be very demoralizing. I must say that their work is beautiful and it is truly important to make things on a high level in any field. If you take on a project, always make your work shine. There will be mistakes during the process, no matter how many times you reviewed and revised the work. It is important, though, to keep at it until there is a final product. Don’t stop yourself from finishing a work just because you do not think it is perfect. The art of Life is that you must finish your task and share it with the world. You will have enough chances to revise it or have others critique your work.

Best Value Copy is a wonderful company, and I will continue using their product.

Best Value Copy

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