Beware of Salt

Beware of salt.

As my title suggests, I am quite down on salt these days. There are many reasons for this. The one I want to focus on is looks. Every time I go on a low carb lifestyle, my weight drops and hence my core becomes less flabby. Genetics, stress, and age has made it much more difficult for me to lose weight. If in my teens I could recover in a day after eating a carb, now takes at least one week if not more.

The wonderful thing is I have knowledge in how to lose weight, as an example twice losing 40 pounds. The methods chosen were having a low amount of carb everyday. Right now, I have gained knowledge about carbs and know how to eliminate them from my diet with simple solutions. Check out my 3 No-Carb Ways for Eating Fun Foods article.

Now, then let’s get into sodium. If before I was worried about not eating carbs to lose weight, there is a new sheriff in town. It is called Salt. Foods that have a high sodium content will make your stomach look bloated. No matter how much water you drink, it takes several days, for me, to lose this bloated and unpleasant self.

For instance, I wanted to eat pizza for the first time in a while. Well, I knew that if I eat something fun for once that it will be easy to go back to my lifestyle. But, telling myself it was not worth eating that pizza because I had no true interest in it, I went to my local market and bought some crackers. I thought they were not so damaging due to their size. Boy was I wrong. The next two days, even though I did not even binge on those lowly crackers, I was so disappointed with the way my stomach looked.

Not only was the bloated feeling unpleasant, but to add insult I did not even get bloated due to pizza that I would have enjoyed. Can you imagine the feeling I had? It is one thing when you know for which reason you gain weight. But for some crackers that did not fill me up? Something must have been wrong. Aha. Yes there was. For the first time in a while, I did not look at the label information. The sodium content was huge.

No wonder why it has taken me several days to get out of this funk. Always look at the label before buying. You will be surprised to read what contents are included for something “harmless.”

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