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Modern TV Shows To Watch Now: The Profit

Once in a while, you will get lucky to watch something enjoyable AND have an ability to learn a valuable lesson. The Profit fits those two criteria. This reality TV show is on CNBC every Tuesday at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. The series premiered in 2013. Hosted by Marcus Lemonis, a  ...

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Food Review

The Best Place To Have A Cannoli

If I had to choose one dessert to have at any moment, it would definitely be a Cannolo. The cannolo, a singular form of Cannoli, is an Italian pastry originating in Sicily. They are made out of fried dough in the outer area and ricotta inside the tube. Since trying these incredible delicacies  ...

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I Love Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Cologne

Joining my wife to find inspiration for an article, I was amazed at how Sephora elegantly placed every product in their store on Chestnut St, Philadelphia. The staging and lighting were immaculate, while the merchandise easily accessible. The only problem I found was a really small male cologne  ...

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