Cafe Fiorello – Elegance Personified

Café Fiorello – Elegance Personified.

If you would like to experience an elegant lunch or dinner then visit Cafe Fiorello. A true landmark in New York City, Cafe Fiorello has been in business for over 40 years located across the famous Lincoln Center.

Many celebrities, foreigners, and local customers come here especially after going to the Metropolitan Opera or the New York Philharmonic. As someone who was born in Manhattan, seeing this “tradition” has made me smile. 

My favorite dish in Cafe Fiorello is Specialita! Cafe Fiorello Lasagna. My goodness is this not the best entree possible? I do not eat carbs for several days to have this delicacy because of its incredible sauce, meatballs, and crusty sides. This is an open-faced lasagna. I cannot imagine having lasagna anywhere else.

The price will cost around $30 per person. Anything that will give you a wonderful memory and a chance to learn how things are done is worth every penny. Don’t forget, if you observe something beautifully done in one field don’t be afraid to transfer that to your field. Classiness is transferrable from one subject to the next.

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