Cake Boss – The Best Place To Have A Cannoli

Cake Boss – The Best Place To Have A Cannoli.

If I had to choose one dessert to have at any moment, it would definitely be a Cannolo. The cannolo, a singular form of Cannoli, is an Italian pastry originating in Sicily. They are made out of fried dough in the outer area and ricotta inside the tube. Since trying these incredible delicacies during my teenage years, I have probably eaten more than my share’s worth. My preference gravitates towards a crispy crust, while having a slightly thick mixture of cream inside.

My favorite place to eat some Cannoli is Carlo’s Bakery. (Click to Tweet)

When entering Carlo’s Bakery at any of their locations, I sometimes imagine how great it must feel to be a kid witnessing an assortment of yummy goodies on the display case. A scene in Once Upon a Time in America comes to mind. Due to Carlo’s awesome lighting, these desserts can make anyone feel like going into a Sephora store trying to find perfume. You can choose anything from a cheesecake to a linzer tart, lobster tails to cannoli. Because I must choose only one, a cannolo will usually be the treat for me.

Buddy Valastro, Mr. Cake Boss himself, has created a perfect blend of crispiness and thickness. For he is an artist, a person interested in making everything as beautiful and tasty as possible. Being able to purchase a cannolo or anything there for matter has been a wonderful gift. Due to the richness in sugar, I do limit myself. For celebrations, Carlo’s Bakery is the way to go. Read my review of Fogo de Chao in Philadelphia.

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  1. Claudia

    July 14, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    I LOVE their Cannolis, very good to know that it is cannolo when referring to one. Cool fact!
    If it was up to me I would eat it everyday (:

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