Classic Martial Arts Movie – Bloodsport

From the very first scene of Hong Kong being shown, with the awesome music being played, you know Bloodsport will be a classic martial arts action movie. While the song gets faster, you get to learn about the various training techniques these fighters employ from all over the world. After this incredible beginning scene, you get a calm moment of a person sweeping the ring, preparing for many battles that lie ahead.

After all this, Jean-Claude Van Damme (Frank Dux) appears on the screen. His character plays a U.S. soldier who wants to fight in the Kumite. Frank Dux comes to pay respect towards his teacher. A memory comes to his mind. What an amazing scene this is. Anytime I need to forget about my problems or get inspired about something, this scene seems to always pop into my head to get me out of this inner funk. In this short scene, you get to see so many things: heroism, friendship, having a hard-working attitude, taking pain to achieve goals, and so many other attributes. Life seems to bring so many lemons and it is up to us to look at things in such a way that helps us push through and to honor those who brought great inspiration to our life. I can never leave this scene without tearing up.

The training sequences are amazing. A no holds barred treatment is implemented to show how difficult all this practicing really is. How wonderful it was that Bloodsport showed the importance of preparation. If Tanaka, Frank’s teacher, would not have trained him to work on things blindly, then Frank would not have gotten out of trouble with Bolo Yeung’s character, Chong Li.

Yang Sze, better known as Bolo Yeung in the West, gets the first training scene in the movie. What can I say about this awesome actor that always plays bad guys in action movies. Anytime you have Bolo in a movie, this will be a classic martial arts movie. He is just an awesome villain, the kind that you secretly like inside because of his seemingly awesome personality. Sure Bolo can look frightening at certain moments when he gets angry. But, we all have to admit there is a certain sweetness in that smirk. He does a number on all the fighters, even killing one of them. You do get horrified when this happens, and when he injures Ray Jackson, played by the wonderfully fun-loving actor Donald Gibb, it feels awful. Bolo gives you this impression greatly.

The fighting choreography is masterfully done. Various techniques joined together makes it fun to see which style will win. Everyone has their own tempo, jumping skills, anger issues, and many more things. It does get bloody, so if you are in the mood to watch a romantic comedy, this is not your film. But if you can get passed the gory action in certain moments, then you will learn a lot from this film. Like in anything, it is up to you to find a lesson in everything that is given on this Earth.

Bloodsport is a classic martial arts movie, definitely on my top five martial arts movies of all time.

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  1. VR

    August 15, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Awesome post, love it!
    Real wholesome characters, whether good guys or villains; wonderful movie.
    Great to clearly see right and wrong, without hypocritical substitutions.
    Brings incredible memories to my mind.
    Thanks, Arshak!

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