Unsung Heroes

Cole Springer Was An Awesome Person

A wonderful person has recently passed away. His name was Cole Springer. Working as the concierge at 1600 East Avenue, Rochester, NY, Cole was a kind person with a fun personality. Always ready to have a conversation about any type of music, his knowledge of rock was the best I have ever encountered.

On many occasions, we would talk for hours about the intricacies of the Stones. He would always attend my classical music concerts. The care and love he gave to people was incredible. Mr. Springer, half Armenian as I am, shared stories about his mother, who was, from what he would describe, a fine lady. Cole was really happy to announce to others about us being Armenians to people.

I loved sharing with him the joy of Armenian folk music and their historical context. Our conversations never felt long and sadly I feel like they were not long enough. I will forever miss this man.

Here is an interview with Cole Springer.