Commando – My Favorite Action Movie

Commando – My Favorite Action Movie.

My favorite action movie of all time is Commando. This film has incredible character actors, a hilarious script when it is necessary, wonderful music score written by the late James Horner, and of course the action hero himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Released in 1985, Commando was a staple in our home. I remember watching this movie with my dad so many times that we already memorized most of the script. Of course, my dad did not speak much English, but when we would translate the movie, those fun phrases we’d all remember.

If I had to choose one actor to watch an action adventure movie, it would be definitely be Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is such a pleasant person to see on the screen. His accent, and the way he accentuates certain phrases, makes it possible to get out of a bad mood. He has starred in so many classics like The Terminator, Red Heat, The Running Man, Predator, and countless other awesome movies. Commando is definitely my favorite movie of his.

This movie is about an elite Commando’s battle against criminals who kidnapped his daughter. The daughter is played by Alyssa Milano, playing the role of Jenny at the age of 13, one year after starting her great run on Who’s the Boss. She cries a lot, but is a quick thinker trying to run away from the bad guys. The bad guys, though, are the most memorable in this movie, of course along with Arnold.

Dan Hedaya, who is not Spanish, really delves into his role and delivers an awesome accent and role. His character (Arius) is the slime ball that gets his people to kidnap Jenny. The reason behind it is to get Arnold’s character (John Matrix) to assassinate a Central American leader. The main mercenary leader working for Arius, Bennett, played by the always wonderful Vernon Wells, was once a member of Matrix’ unit. Arius and Bennett plot together to push all the right buttons and make John do things he has not interest in doing. When Matrix agrees to “help” them, not to get his daughter killed, this is when the movie starts to go top speed.

Every scene has a memorable and vital moment. The fight between Cooke, played by the always lovable Bill Duke, and John is priceless. You laugh because of the banter between the two guys and also the side talk done by Rae Dawn Chong. Rae brings such an awesome feminine touch to this movie. She knows how to deliver lines at the right moment with a perfect level of voice. Rae Dawn Chong and Maria Conchita Alonso always performed perfectly these kind of characters in the 80’s.

I met David Patrick Kelly, who played Sully, on the M66 bus in Manhattan around 1996. At that time​, I was only sixteen and was shy to come up to celebrities. He was really nice and noticed I looked at him with excitement and smiled. A very talented actor, his role in the movie is not much, but you definitely remember him as well.

Mark L. Lester directed this classic. I do want to thank him for being able to create something this awesome. I am grateful to everyone involved with this movie. You all made my life wonderful and brought me countless memories with my dad. Check out another classic action movie, The Way Of The Dragon with Bruce Lee.

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  1. Anonymous

    June 15, 2017 at 10:59 am

    I love this movie! When you said that have watch this movie so much that you memorized the script, I must believe you. You seem very knowledgeable, so much so that one could think you were part of it haha.
    I have read a lot of your posts and I love your writing.

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