Nature Photography

Digital Photography: Buono Beach, Staten Island

Digital Photography: Buono Beach.

While on “vacation” at my wonderful friend’s place, my wife and I chose to walk on Bay St. After having a nice Dunkin coffee and working on our cell phones, we stepped outside and started walking back to our Jane’s place. All of the sudden, we saw the water on our left side. Little did we know that there might just be a beautiful spot to rest and enjoy. The weather was nice, sunny, but not too hot. Digital photography is one of my favorite activities. Being able to know that there was a calm and serene area around made us feel wonderful.

As we walked closer, the relaxed atmosphere was not ruined by obnoxious drivers honking without justifiable reason. We just quietly walked and saw Alice Austin’s House on our right. Seeing the beach so calm was such a pleasant sight. After working a lot most of the time, our hearts need to feel like our time on Earth is not always about this thing called work. Being able to find such a place made us feel good. We talked about life and how important it is to focus on finding places and moments like we just did. A little advice to us all, let’s take a little bit more time in creating an atmosphere that makes us more peaceful and happy. It is achievable one moment at a time.