Duran Duran – My Favorite Five Songs

Duran Duran – My favorite five songs.

My favorite music group is Duran Duran. I am completely in love with their mastery of finding the right accompaniment for their poignant themes. Being an incredible group, they find a way to be able to express themselves with fun, upbeat melodies like “Rio” and then, in turn, delve into the path of beautiful sadness (“Come Undone” & “Save a Prayer”). Various moods in their music has been perfected by being able to push through those intricate moments of hardship: inspiration and longevity. Usually, listeners will be lucky to have two songs from a group that they really like. Objectively, those same fans might love a band’s songs just because of a certain moment in their life. I have loved their songs for over twenty five years and counting.

My 5 Favorite Duran Duran Songs:

5. Rio

4. A View to a Kill

3. Save a Prayer

2. Leave a Light On

1. Come Undone

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