Esan Thai Restaurant You Must Try In Rochester, NY

Esan Thai Restaurant You Must Try In Rochester, NY.

Located on 696 Park Avenue, Rochester, NY, Esan Thai Restaurant is the place to try some exquisite cuisine. The family-owned business whips out some delicacies from their mother country right before your very eyes. Even though I am a lover of Thai food, there are very few restaurants that actually make me happy. Due to my extreme pickiness, which is perhaps a good quality to have, you can take my word when I wholeheartedly recommend Esan for locals and tourists.

The incredible person who owns and runs Esan is Bounkong Douangratdy. An enlightened human being who always takes a moment to speak with everyone in the neighborhood. Founded in 1996, Bounkong creates a wonderful atmosphere. Our conversations would last a pretty long while, and I can say that his heart is pure gold. Bounkong’s wife is no slouch herself, with her sweet smile, creating some yummy dishes. 

Speaking about those dishes, my goodness, you can either have a mild lunch/dinner or go wild and choose something spicy. My personal favorites are Basil Pork with no rice or Curry Pork, not spicy. These dishes are amazing, with flavors that stay in your mind for a long while. Add the food with some Thai Iced Tea and boy you got a winner. 

The staff is wonderful. One of my favorite people on Earth is Tom, the manager. His incrediblely fun-loving personality electrifies the atmosphere. You will not be depressed around him. Sarah is a sweetheart and really tries to make everything comfortable. It is smart to ask them about their spice levels. Five stars will wake you up for sure.

Because the restaurant is cozy, you should definitely take advantage of the summer and eat outside. Read my article Sushi Yasaka – The Place To Go For Great Sushi In NYC.

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