Excited About Going to the Film Forum

Excited about going to the film forum.

One of my favorite directors ever is Woody Allen. So when I found out that the Film Forum will show his Manhattan and Annie Hall side by side today, March, 13, my wife and I had to get the tickets.

The Film Forum is located on 209 W Houston St, New York, NY. It is definitely a premiere movie theater for independent, classic, and foreign films.

This is why I signed up for their membership recently. Instead of paying $56 dollars for 4 tickets (2 for each movie), we spent $32 (saving $24). The membership costs $125 and you will receive two reduced-priced tickets to all shows.

One of my true hopes was one day to see both movies (most of Woody Allen’s movies for that matter) in succession. Luckily, today at 4:50 pm & 7 pm this will be achieved. Even more amazing is that Tony Roberts will be talking after the movie live on stage. How cool is that?

To look at their website, visit Film Forum, and you will not be disappointed. We are traveling from Philadelphia for this and might get caught in the snowstorm later coming back. But this will not stop us daredevils from enjoying these masterpieces.

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