Gain Traffic To Your Blog

Gain Traffic To Your Blog.

An idea comes to your mind. Then, the creative process takes over. Once finished, you would like to share it with others, right?

My top 3 ways to Gain Traffic To Your Blog:

1. SEO Optimization

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. SEO is an abbreviated version of Search Engine Optimization. Let’s say that you are writing about Art. This is a general subject, right? You probably will not rank high, considering that there have been many widely known artists and critics writing about Art. Well, then let’s get more specific. Your article was written about Vincent Van Gogh. Is it too random? Of course. Vincent Van Gogh’s life has been written about by himself, those surrounding him, and those that interpret him without ever meeting the genius. Delve deeper. You wrote about a specific Van Gogh’s painting, Self Portrait of 1889. That is better. Not ideal, but you’re getting there. Having, as an example, Self Portrait as your keyword will be a great way to start. Want to go further? Make Self Portrait of 1889 as your keyword. This tactic could potentially rank you quite high on the Google Search Self Portrait of 1889 list. If you are high on this list, then more people will get to read your article. This will help in building a following without having to do the extra work. I use a free software named Squirrly to help build my SEO. It is the most easiest and thorough software I found.

2. E-mail Subscribers

The reason I created my blog was to express gratitude towards everything that made me a better person. Because there are many things that make my life happier, my subjects range from music to sports. By writing an article, I am able to potentially change a person’s perspective on life or their opinion about something.

For instance, I love my father’s music. A lifetime is not enough to thoroughly delve into his compositions. Because my purpose was to write about many subjects, I want to share with everyone various helpful information. There are valuable lessons one can learn after reading my Losing Weight: A General Overview post or my interpretation of Van Gogh’s painting A Lane in the Public Garden of Arles. A violinist, for instance, can learn about how to get out of Credit Card Debt. This same violinist does not have to only be interested in my article The Best Recording of Iosif Andriasov’s String Quartet.

Having an E-mail subscriber list helps you write an article and it automatically becomes available to your specific group of friends. These readers are your fans, and it is your optimal duty, as a writer, to bring them something valuable. Otherwise, why waste their precious time? They can do many things instead. I feel that there is value in sharing love, information, and beauty to the world. This is another reason why I share.

3. Sharing

Let us say that you have generated a good E-mail list. Do you think that your work here is done? Not even close. You do not know everyone on this planet…and you never will. But, it is important to have more people look through your work. Why not bring more likeminded people to your group? The best way to make this happen is through Social Media. There are a number of platforms to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others. Each platform brings their own benefits. For my articles, I choose to share on Facebook Groups. On my Instagram Blog page, I share photos that were used on my article. Twitter gives me a chance to post about relevant topics and engage with new potential likeminded people. There are plenty of ways to express yourself through Social Media. Find the right ones for you.

I hope this helps anyone interested in getting your blog more visible to the public. One can write for themselves and not help anyone in the process. Sharing your voice with the world makes it a better, diverse place to live in. Check out some more blogging posts I will be writing.

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