Great MUSIC PIECE – Igor Stravinsky Conducts Firebird

Great Music Piece – Igor Stravinsky Conducts Firebird

The great Igor Stravinsky. Firebird. What a perfect combination possible in this recording with the New York Philharmonic musicians caring so much to do a wonderful job with Mr. Stravinsky at the podium. How lucky they were to get such a valuable insight from the composer himself. Look at these musicians and their respect towards this genius. Where is this respect today? Dear Musicians, look at the New York Philharmonic in 1960. They are so vibrant and full of emotional dexterity. Their performance shows a blend of fire and beauty. The bassoon and oboe soloists show their incredible range of insight and inner knowledge and care towards Mr. Stravinsky. The help of this magnificent composer, which they did not take for granted, made these musicians be able to see things that they would never have seen on their own. How lucky they are.

Listen to the unsentimental straightforward performance. Listen to the second piece and its beauty. I am a composer and was lucky to study composition with my father and love him and his music. To let you know, if I only listened to this scene of Stravinsky’s Firebird in this interpretation, I would never need to listen to any more music on Earth. This tender, sad (without depression) piece has to be considered the true representation of my art, music composition. How much work Stravinsky did with these incredible musicians during rehearsal, giving insight to their caring intellegent minds. Look at his eyes and expressions. This is a true conductor. Not those that try to fool an audience with unnecessary bravado physical movements. Learn from Stravinsky, dear conductors. All the true work was done during rehearsal. Concert conducting is done for musicians to get a mood needed to be expressed at a given time, given audience. A moment in time.

Look at that transition from second to third scene. How insanely Stravinsky creates a mood of opening the door towards the rebirth of life. I have never heard anything like this from any other conductor. Obviously. Here, in this recording, there’s a variety of emotional content one can learn from. Deep gradation of inner strength, tenderness, a youthful excitement about life, and so many other things that listeners can focus on. Dissect, discuss, think about life and the amazing geniuses that you are experiencing in this recording. These human giants have evolved so quickly in life, because they noticed things outside their own existence. They learned by noticing the outside world and took the time to be patient in understanding things. You must incorporate knowledge and grow. By watching this recording, you can learn so much about life. The way respect is grown, shown to others, and beauty brought to the world.

Please listen to this recording fully. Do not venture off this monumental achievement done by humanity. These kind people inspire all of us to create amazing works and the respect given to them by you is of utmost importance. It is what will make humanity stay longer and thrive.

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