Harrah’s Pool is the Place to Swim

Harrah’s Pool is the place to swim.

The newly revamped Harrah’s Pool in Atlantic City is a definite gem. I have loved coming here for a long while. Seeing them invest money to make the Jacuzzi, Pool, and indoor oasis even more beautiful really makes me happy. Why does it make me happy, you ask? Well, because at least there is someone who does not sit on their laurels.

It is super important to always perfect your craft, no matter what craft it is. Once you have achieved “success”, let your comfort zone be tested. This way, you will always be able to adapt and keep up with beauty. The esthetic eye can change as the times move on. But if you have a clear picture of beauty, then you can always do some touch ups along the way. This is Harrah’s Pool should be an example to us all.

Seemingly enough, there is nothing different with the remodel. You cannot truly notice anything on the grand scheme. It was already “perfect”. But then, due to some investigating and interest, on can see the paint change in certain areas and other important eye pleasing renovation. At $10 per person (or free if you are staying with them), I cannot find a better bargain. You really feel relaxed once there. A place where you can swim to keep physically fit and use their Jacuzzi for relaxation. Lying on their lounge chairs will make you rest for sure. The alluring surrounding truly makes me feel like I am in a resort without the absorbent fees and long travel.

Definitely take the time to venture out of your comfort zone and visit this haven. You will not regret it.

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