How About A 360 Checking Account With Your Coffee?

How about a 360 checking account with your coffee?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take out money from an ATM inside a Café? At one of my favorite working spots in Philadelphia, you can open a 360 Checking Account and have a cup of coffee. Carrying products from Peet’s Coffee, Capital One, as we all know, is a bank first. Being smart and business savvy, this bank joined two ventures into one retail space. Located on 135 S. 17th Street, Capital One Café has two floors. Their prior location only had one floor. Even though I loved their coziness, it was a necessity for Capital One Café to move to a larger space. The lines of people waiting for their morning coffee proved that having more space will cut the amount of wait time. Always making really good choices in their kind baristas, having more space there  as helped them as well. Now, it is possible to not hover on top of each other while making a drink.

I like to work here a lot. A lot of my revamping of The Andriasov Store happened here. During my three day focus on my websites, I came here at 8am and finished at 7pm. Did I mention that their hours have been added? Yes! From Monday’s to Friday’s, they open at 7AM and close at 8PM; Saturday’s from 8AM till 8PM; Sunday 8AM – 4PM. You read this right. They are opened on Sunday. How wild is that? At their prior location, Capital One would be closed on Sunday’s. This was a definite pain let me tell you. No more suffering for those of us that like to work outside and keep the home as a place for rest.

To continue my point about the comfort of working in Capital One Café, a big problem with most cafes are their sound volume. Luckily, the music is never intrusive. If I feel like listening to something on my playlist, the speaker sound will not dominate over my earphones. That is especially important due to the fact that I like to listen to classical music when I write articles. It can be a distracting feature in a place when you are trying to come up with the right word or phrase and then get dissuaded by a song. Thankfully, this has never been a problem for me here. I highly recommend to visit this place and open a 360 Checking Account. You will be able to purchase drinks for half off. How do you like them latte’s?

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