How To Promote Your Blog On Pinterest

How to promote your blog on Pinterest.

Bloggers have used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ to share their content for a while now. All of these platforms bring their own positive feature. When I need my trending news articles to go viral, Twitter seems to be the best vehicle for this to happen. If I wrote an article that fills a specific niche, I post it to Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities. When a picture says a thousand words, Instagram is the place to share it. But, there might be a new sheriff in town and its name is Pinterest. In this article, I will show you how to promote your blog on Pinterest.

Background: Pinterest is a rather new phenomenon. Founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharpe, Pinterest is a web and mobile application that is designed to find information on the World Wide Web. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, this company was launched in March 2010. While one would think that this company is quite old, the growth of users has slowly ascended and is becoming a force in social media. It is an image based platform, where you can share valuable content within your page.

Process: Let me begin the process of explaining how to promote your blog on Pinterest. I write articles about various subjects. My interest include Art, Music, Movies, Health, and other forms of expression. A blogger can go about their Pinterest account in several ways. I can create one Pinterest page that has all these subjects mentioned earlier, or I can create several Pinterest accounts on each specific niche. Both of these tactics are fine to explore. With the first tactic, you get to show the depth of your whole character. We, as people, are interested in various fields. By limiting ourselves to just one interest, it can become quite stifling just posting one style of content. On the other hand, using Art as an example, I can create multiple boards that feature Van Gogh or Chagall paintings separately for those Art lovers that might love only Van Gogh or Chagall. Having this kind of niche account could be very good for those followers who want to easily identify your blog. Pleasing some might be better than pleasing everyone in this case. It is totally up to you.

When you write an article, you should always have a good photo accompanying the literature. This picture has to represent exactly what your thoughts and writings will be about. You should think ahead when figuring out which photo to use for a specific post. You don’t want to have a featured picture of a Van Gogh painting when you are writing about Chagall, right? So, once you have decided to put a Van Gogh painting as your featured image in the article, the next process is to write the article and then publish it. Once you have done all of this important stuff, only then can you begin the process of answering the question how to promote your blog on Pinterest? You will have a link to share on Pinterest.

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Having a link to share on Pinterest is a big thing. Your featured image will be associated with your whole article. Potential fans will be able to see your article on Pinterest via the featured image. Let us say that I wrote an article about the Van Gogh painting. This link will go to my Pinterest Van Gogh board. Inside that board, there will be a box, which is empty. Pressing this box will open this specific board. There will be a plus sign on the top. Click on the + button. This will automatically get you inside the add feature of Pinterest. You will be given a choice: Save Photo or Website. I wrote an article with the featured page, right? So, I will choose to save my content via Website. Once you pressed this choice, you will be prompted with a sign named Find on web. This will give you a chance to post your link inside the Enter web address feature. Once I have pasted my link, that featured picture will be inside my specific board. When your followers or random people will click on your this photo twice, they will be directed to your specific article.

Finally, what Instagram has yet to give to regular people is a way for us to click a picture and be driven to a website. How wonderful it is that Pinterest achieved this important feature. I hope this helped you to understand how to promote your blog on Pinterest. Check out my other articles to enhance your knowledge about Blogging.