IS THE SAMSUNG Galaxy S8+ A Great Phone?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8+ a great phone?

I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8+. Several of my friends have asked me: “Is the Samsung Galaxy S8+ a great phone?” As of this writing, I tell them that the most stunning phone I have ever used in my life is the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Light weight and comfortable to hold, this cell phone has a 6.2-inch screen. It might seem too big in theory, but for people like me, who is used to the Note series, Samsung’s design has a perfect blend of exquisiteness and functionality. Having a bigger screen for me is a must, because I do not want to squint my eyes trying to write an article.

IS THE SAMSUNG Galaxy S8+ A Great Phone?

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After using the Note series for quite a while, I was worried that the curved back and front design would hinder my hand position. Thankfully enough, my hands have adjusted to this difference and I do not feel too awkward holding this phone.

The camera truly takes magical pictures. As a blogger, it is important to focus and create clear and beautiful pictures. With the Galaxy S8+, I have no problems in that regard. Amazingly enough, the camera takes great pictures in low light. Having 12 megapixels and 8 front-facing megapoxels, the S8+ definitely does a beautiful job. As an example, here is a picture I took at night in Philadelphia. Such a clear and focused image.

I use this phone for work everyday and quite often. The battery lasts long, with their 3,500mAh power. There have been no performance issues with the S8+. Even though it might seem like the power will be an issue, I am super happy with the product’s strength.

You will probably ask some of your friends “Is the Samsung Galaxy S8+ a great phone?” All of us will have the same answer. We love this phone and will be keeping it for quite a while. Read my article Samsung Smartphone Release Dates about the new Note 8.

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