John Hurt

John Hurt.

Still fresh in my heartbreak, the death of one of my four favorite actors John Hurt recently continues to bring pain. His talent as a person and creative genius, expressing so many facial expressions and kind nature, is never to be surpassed because all geniuses in various fields have no competitors. That is what makes the spirit of the arts a unique thing. Competition only makes you move in a path of others, while true creativity and genius paves the way to unique ideas.

In acting, you can definitely see the nature and spirit of a person through their roles. One such scene always prevails for me, concerning John Hurt. It is his last scene as Joseph (John) Merrick in The Elephant Man. Knowing that the height of his character will never be surpassed due to the kindness of Madge Kendal, Frederick Treves, and others, the way Mr. Hurt caresses the sheets on his bed and the tenderness with which he puts the pillows on the wall is such a poignant scene. I tear up even writing now, because in this one “little” scene, you can tell the nature, beauty, and courageousness of this person. How much one person has to go through in life to achieve this kind of sincerity and talent to share with us, the audience? This is who John Hurt is to me – a beautiful soul that we are lucky to be able to view on screen but unlucky to have lost.