Iosif Andriasov

Kindness To All

Kindness to all.

My father, Iosif Andriasov, was a strong, courageous, kind, and a loving person, husband, and father. He touched people’s hearts and minds through his positive (proactive) advice, his music, and his philosophy. Dad gave his all to help humanity, no matter where they were from. He brought kindness to all people.

He taught me how important it is to give respect to everyone, from all walks of life. To appreciate the custodian who give their all to bring beauty to our path and such incredible human kindness given to us by those who care.

Being a child during WWII (playing the violin for wounded soldiers at the age of 10), it always amazed me how realistically optimistic and hopeful my dad was for the human progression towards kindness.

Iosif Andriasov with Violin

Iosif Andriasov Playing The Violin

I share this post with you all to not give up bringing kindness to all and then see how proud we will be of each other and ourselves.

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