Those who know me well will say that I take my time purchasing products. It is my obligation to analyze and figure out if I need truly need to buy something or not. Look no further than my interest in buying Lifeprint – a professional digital printer. It took me four visits to the Apple Store to finally purchase this photo/video printer. I went to the Apple Store three times on Walnut Street in Philadelphia and once on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Each time, I gave myself several reasons to purchase this product and one reason not to buy it. The non purchase idea always won out. This stopped, though, by my fourth visit. I knew that there was a perfectly great reason to buy this product: creating photos that I can share with people to better inform them about The Andriasov Store.

Lifeprint is a professional digital printer that can make your “photos” come to life. This can be done if someone has a their app. A completely wild concept if you think about it. I have to say that the product is amazingly portable, weighing only 7 ounces and having 5″ length x 3″ wide x 1″ dimensions. You can definitely put it inside your bag. It takes about 30 seconds to print a picture through Bluetooth on your phone. At first launch, Lifeprint was only possible to use through an iPhone. Now, luckily for me, I can use it on my Note 4. This helps a lot due to the fact that I do not need to bother my wife. 10 photo cards are included with the printer. The paper stock is glossy and you can stick your photo anywhere, which is a great way to advertise your business or your thoughts and ideas. The photo size is small, 2 by 3 inches to be exact, but you can do a lot of amazing work within these parameters.

I purchased this professional digital printer and 100 photo cards a week ago and am really happy about it. It took some time to hook everything up (sadly, inside the box, the instructions are without detail). After about 15 minutes, with the help of my wife, I printed my first photo. This photo was the EBook cover of “The Wonderful World of Nature.” I was very happy with the result.

There are many reasons to buy this product. I will use Lifeprint to create my father’s aphorisms and share them wherever there is a community bulletin board. I want to help people through his incredible, humanist ideas. Creating and purchasing T-Shirts, like I have been doing for the past 10 years, is expensive for me in comparison. The first reason I wanted to purchase this product was to print, as an example, a beautiful nature photo and give this photo to a homeless person. This was my initial inspiration and thought. Then, as time went by, I understood that there would be more positive ways to introduce people with various ideas and thoughts. I can print a business card of mine right on the spot. I can print a YouTube picture with information about the music composition.

The possibilities for good are endless. Read more articles about Technology.

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