Live Updates French Open Final 2017

Live updates French Open Final 2017.

I am writing an article as the French Open Final is going on.


It is wonderful to see Rafael Nadal make an incredible come back this year. This can potentially be an incredible French Open Final, because Stan Wawrinka can keep up with Nadal’s emotional charge. Of course my favorite male player of all-time is Rafael, but I have always liked the hard work and straightforward attitude shown by Stan. Should be an awesome match.


It is amazing how easily Nadal passed through to the Final. It is a very good thing for such a dynamic player. His energy should not be exerted. On the other hand, Stan had a much more difficult run towards the Finals having to beat incredible players along the way. Wawrinka does have a strength in him to out last most players.


Game begins with Nadal serving.

9:32AM (Nadal 2-1)

Action has been strong the first three games. Nadal and Wawrinka have won their serves. Nadal had a bit of a scare in the third game by almost being broken. A lucky call from the umpire helped Nadal to then get an incredible ace.

9:49AM (Nadal 3-2)

Wawrinka had a really tough time on his serve, having to take a tactic of playing like a beast. It definitely helped for Stan to get out unscathed. Nadal, for the most part, had an easy service game. It is setting up to be an awesome match, because I truly don’t know if Nadal will be strong enough to hold on against Stan and his power game. It will be interesting to see for sure.

9:57AM (Nadal 5-2)

A very strong break by Nadal has given him a strong lead. I believe Rafa did not have to work too hard for this break. Stan played rather poorly. Having kept his own service game, Rafael has a stranglehold on Stan in this set. I assume Wawrinka will not give Rafa any trouble to conclude the set.

10:02 End 1st Set (Nadal 6-2)

As I thought, Wawrinka did not give Rafa any trouble on his own serve. Stan did not want to lose his energy on a useless set for him. Nadal looks strong, with his patented twists of spins. The angles from Nadal’s shots are furious. With the weather being this hot, I assume Wawrinka is in big trouble.

10:18AM (Nadal 6-2, 3-0)

Finally receiving a violation for taking too long to serve, Nadal did not look up. He took his time anyway and closed out a very strong first game of the second set. Complete destruction was done on Stan’s serve, as Rafa broke his serve at love. Nadal is truly a incredible when you consider his tenacious personality. He is definitely on fire. One must consider Stan’s time on the court in comparison to Nadal’s. But a game is a game. Wawrinka must find a way to get out of this hole.

10:28AM (Nadal 6-2, 4-1)

I don’t understand why Wawrinka is not going to the net. This is his one and only chance to get this thing going. Finally Wawrinka wins a game. It feels like a very long time ago. Stan looked better on his serve, and he must translate it to all facets of his game. Wawrinka tested Nadal on Rafa’s serve. This is exactly what Stan must do to survive. Several more pushes like this and Wawrinka might break Nadal soon.

10:36AM (Nadal 6-2, 5-2)

An incredible shot was done by Rafael Nadal on Wawrinka’s serve. It is amazing how Rafa does not not give up a point, making everyone work hard to beat him. A true champion for sure. Wawrinka held on quite well. You can tell Stan is not at 100%, plus Nadal playing on his best surface does not help. Rafael is not giving an inch.

10:47AM End 2nd Set (Nadal 6-2, 6-3)

Rafael almost broke Wawrinka’s serve to finish the second set, but Stan served aggressively (finally) and got out of his shell. Wawrinka needs to push to make it an acceptable Final. Stan had an incredible chance with Rafa miss hitting a shot that went just over the net and Wawrinka could not thread the ball past Nadal. Rafa is purely dominating this match. Nearly impossible for Stan to make a comeback. Something drastically has to chance for there to be a shot of an even match.

11:01AM (Nadal 6-2, 6-3, 2-1)

After a bathroom break, the match continues into the 3rd set. A long rally in the second point could not have helped Stan. He is serving poorly now, giving many opportunities for Nadal to break. Wawrinka looks defeated and what is interesting is that from the start he has not shown the ability to break through in this match. Nadal is performing in the highest level possible, going to the net at the right time, serving perfectly to put himself in the position of going to the net correctly. We are watching genius. The only moment Stan has had any success is by going to the net. A very good service game by Wawrinka. I saw a look of worry in Nadal’s face. Don’t know if he aggregated something. We will see.

11:18AM (Nadal 6-2, 6-3, 4-1)

Wawrinka is looking much better on Nadal’s serve the fourth game of this set. He is slowly dictating the points. Rafa has to continue the onslaught and take away any hope that Stan has. The crowd obviously want to get their monies worth by going to a 5th set. Wawrinka has to will himself out of this situation. Never letting him off the hook, Rafael looks like he will give his all as well and not give him any free points. This is what makes Nadal so amazing. Just when you think Stan might get a break, Rafa shuts the door. Incredibly precise shots are dictating Nadal’s game now. He is looking like the old Rafa. Even when Wawrinka wins a game, Nadal seems to have more memorable shots. A long service game for Wawrinka has completely depleted and demoralized him. Nadal breaks again.

11:27AM End of Match – Nadal Champion (6-2, 6-3, 6-1)

An easy service game from Rafael makes it closer to the inevitable. He seems to be playing on all cylinders. The amazing dominance displayed by Nadal throughout the tournament just shows how age and injuries mean nothing. Adversity must be fought against and no excuses should follow. Be a Nadal on your field. Wawrinka tried to push through on his own serve but Nadal was too much.

Champion: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal wins his tenth French Open Championship. Bjorn Borg and Rafael Nadal are the best clay court tennis players of all time. An extraordinary tournament for Rafa. It is great to see how Rafael performed so wonderfully during this tournament. A final that was one-sided.

On to Wimbledon.

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