Lose Weight By Eating A Burger

Lose weight by eating a burger.

You can lose weight by eating a burger. I have lost numerous pounds by incorporating this method on many foods. As I wrote on my post, Losing Weight: A General Overview, there was an instance where I lost 50 pounds. It was a moment in my life where stress took over and food binging was a natural progression.

The method to my madness? I did not eat a burger with the bun. You might think that the food will not taste good. Think again. A nicely seasoned burger with tomatoes, pickles, and any condiments your heart desires will let you not only enjoy the taste of that burger, but it will also help you lose weight.

Amazingly enough, people still believe that you can “work off” those pounds. You can use me as example that this is not true. I was extremely active, playing in a hockey league and working out 6 days a week (mostly cardio and some weights). The problem was that I would consume sugary drinks like Gatorade and eat a burger with the bun. Food was the main reason I gained weight.

There are many body types in this world. Each person’s metabolism is different. But, when I researched and asked others about being on a low carb lifestyle, their response has been all the same. Weight loss is achievable. Certain things must be noticed when first starting out. In Three No-Carb Ways of Eating Fun Foods, I share some information about what to watch out. Of course, do not eat a burger everyday. Occasionally, though, enjoy a nice, juicy burger without the bun. Your love handles will be thankful.

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