Marc Chagall – The Blue Circus

Marc Chagall – The Blue Circus.

The magnificent beauty displayed in Marc Chagall’s The Blue Circus is incomparable. Chagall’s genius lies with being able to compose many paintings on one canvas without it looking like a chaotic mess. Everything is in harmony. The composition here is a wonderful example of this quality. While focusing on the striking colors of red, green, and yellow in his painting, one can completely miss out on what is going around the sides of this composition. This incredible elusive quality is a great lesson in life: One can focus on the extravagant, while missing the intricate message. Most will notice the jump displayed by the woman in red, but will miss the exquisite lady on the right side below. Without arrogance, this lady displays her mastery with grace and skill. If you look further, she has a heart innocently drawn on her dress. While the woman is acrobatic, she does not display any human emotion. As my father wrote: “Extravagance – a sign of mediocrity. The satellite of extravagance – commotion.”

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The magical quality of a circus is the performer’s ability to bring hope and dreams to children and adults alike. These incredible people are able to put their daily struggles and sadness on the side. What they are able to accomplish is a tender belief in a world that is pure and beautiful. A person such as Marc Chagall would notice these incredible qualities, because he himself was a giant. The respect given to animals in his paintings are a huge aspect. How? A lot of the times, Mr. Chagall will show, for instance, a quality like tenderness through his depiction of animals. They are shown as much more progressive in comparison to the human being. As an example, look at the green horse. What a display of deep tenderness given through a beautiful gaze. Those eyes would cry, if it were not upheld due to its duty of bringing happiness to others. As Chagall stated: “For me a circus is a magic show that appears and disappears like a world.” Check out Marc Chagall’s Saint-Paul de Vance at Sunset for a beautiful depiction of tenderness and love.

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    July 2, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Beautiful, insightful article; uncovering very subtle, deep, hidden symbols and meanings.

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