MARCUS FROM PROFIT – Learn from Mr. Lemonis

MARCUS FROM PROFIT – Learn from Mr. Lemonis.

Once in a while, you will get lucky to watch something enjoyable AND have an ability to learn a valuable lesson. The Profit fits those two criteria. This reality TV show is on CNBC every Tuesday at 10PM Eastern Standard Time. The series premiered in 2013. Hosted by Marcus Lemonis, a Lebanese-born American entrepreneur, The Profit helps struggling businesses with potential to succeed.

I love The Profit. It is a very insightful show. (Click to Tweet).

Mr. Lemonis has a great principle: People, Process, and Product. It is people who make the process of creating a product. Bringing out the very best in people is the ideal goal. To watch Marcus Lemonis dissect every situation like a general is a pleasant experience. Not only does Marcus from Profit needs to be alert concerning his finances (CNBC does not pay him for the show), but he has to assess a person’s way of doing business as well.

Through watching this show, I got inspired to create several tiers of my father’s and my music. The printed music book score would be sent via mail (Tier 1) and a less expensive version would be sent through E-mail (Tier 2). This wonderful idea I learned by watching Season 3, Episode 1 named SJC Drums. This episode was about two brothers who started out from their grandmother’s basement and turned their company into a million-dollar business. As the brothers struggled to find common ground, the company was in big trouble. Mr. Lemonis made it a priority to repair their friendship and then made the business flow amazingly well again.

Marcus Lemonis would definitely be one of a very few people I would love to work with on a project. His straightforwardness and honesty really makes me inspired that not all is lost in the world of business. I am always happily surprised by his ability to see the big picture. Sometimes, Marcus releases a certain amount of percentage in a company to accommodate a person. This is a wonderful approach. It shows me that Mr. Lemonis has a huge heart. There is one thing to be a businessman, but not to forget that we are all human is another. This was the major issue I had with The Partner, a show that featured people who applied to be Mr. Lemonis’ partner/helper. They misunderstood Markus’ personality and tried to play a role instead of truly helping him out.

Any strictness that Mr. Lemonis exhibits is completely warranted. If he is fighting for you and your company, then the least you can do is give him the respect he deserves. The Profit teaches everyone to see and understand that laziness and backstabbing are horrible qualities. There have been several companies that wanted publicity through this show. This is NOT the way to do business. Be direct and honest. Isn’t it better to live life that way? Marcus from Profit adheres to my way of thinking.

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