My TOP CLOTHING LINES FOR MEN I choose for my wardrobe.

When choosing which clothes to wear, I tend to go for comfort with style. Everything has to look classy. Having a little flavor does not hurt as well, otherwise the look will be too conventional, too proper. We all love designer brands (Click to Tweet). Here are my top clothing lines for men I chooose fory wardrobe.

Shirts: Armani Exchange

Definitely my favorite brand of shirts to wear are from Armani Exchange. There are two types of shirts I love from A/X: Pima & Polos. The Pima are so light and colorful, bringing out positive energy with the classiness of a stoic jacket. It is so important to wear the right color for the occasion and for the overall blend of your outfit. These little details make a man look solid.

The best time to purchase them are in store during their sales and discounts. But for those interested in purchasing them on online, here is their website. The Pima are usually 2 for $40 and the Polos are a little more expensive.

Pants: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein pants are barnone the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They fit the man’s body perfectly and their colors and styles are vast. Even their jeans are super comfortable. I like their black and navy color pants. Their pants bring elegance and can be worn for various occasions.

I purchase my pants online during their clearance sale. Their prices are unmatched for sure. Once I bought an incredible pair of pants for $9.99. You cannot beat such prices. If you need to, try the pants on at their store and buy them online. You will not regret it.

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

There has never been a more comfortable shoe than Kenneth Cole. If I need to walk a lot or perform a concert, Kenneth Cole never disappoints. The incredible design and great material really makes it possible to look stylish and their heel is strong to withstand a lot of walking.

The best way to purchase Kenneth Cole shoes are either through their website or going to Macy’s. I preferred to buy the shoes in Atlantic City when they had a storefront there. Sadly, they closed down in January 2017.

Suit Jacket: Calvin Klein

I love these jackets. Have about 4 of them, various colors of course. They are comfortable and look extremely dapper. The style is modern yet classy and this is why I love them. Made out of always soft fabric, you will never feel out of place.

You can get these jackets either through their website or on discount in places like Burlington Coat Factory or Marshall’s. You cannot go wrong with either.

Cologne: Lacoste

The incredible scent of this cologne makes me always feeling fresh and happy. The aroma just brings my mood up and it lasts me a very long time. If you have the right cologne, then it makes you more centered and respectful towards others. Always try your best to care for others through your cologne and outfits.

You can purchase the product either through Amazon or Sephora. These are your best bets for affordable and/or longer lasting effect.