My Top 5 SOCIAL SEO Media Platforms To Boost A Blog

My Top 5 SOCIAL SEO Media Platforms To Boost A Blog.

There are so many outlets to promote your information. Choosing the right ones can be a very difficult process. I love social media to share my voice. (Share to Tweet). Here are the top 5 social seo media outlets I use to promote my content.

5. Instagram. @arshakandriasovblog. My favorite app for picture sharing. I try to post everyday at around 6pm-7pm Eastern Standard Time. During those hours, my results quadruple in comparison to other hours of the day. Find various ways to see which hours are best for you. The content I choose to share comes from my articles. For instance, if the visitors are interested in a Quebec Nordiques logo I posted on IG, then those same hockey fans might visit my post about why they deserve a team in the NHL.

4. YouTube. @immapubrec. My favorite app for videos. Not only am I able to create my live concert videos and use pictures & music to make a video, but I can post comments to other people’s videos. Being able to share your ideas inside an incredible content of others like David Oistrakh performing Aram Khachaturian can inspire you to write about it one day. Letting the uploaders know they made a difference is really important, because it shows them that their content wasn’t taken for granted.

3. Twitter. @andriasovarshak. My favorite app for current events. Being able to immediately write a small tweet about something in the current news is vital to get your point across to the mass public. Not only can I write about the Nespresso Cafe in NYC, but I can also tag them to read my article. Upon receiving a response of Nespresso, I was on cloud nine from the sheer excitement.

2. Quora. My favorite app for questions and answers. I created a blog to help people. But sometimes thinking of what to write about and then writing an article does take time. Also, there are moments I need inspiration to create helpful content for those in need. For instance, I wrote an answer about the best way to react at someone shouting at you based on a question asked on Quora. There is nothing more direct than a Q/A. Quora found a way to make me feel happy sharing my thoughts to others.

1. Facebook Groups. @andriasovarshak. My favorite app to share my content. There are numerous groups on Facebook. By having a category, you can always know to which niche your information can potentially boost your traffic more. For instance, I love to share my father’s beautiful music with the public. On Facebook, I am able to find a group called Music of the 20th Century and share my article about the best recording of Iosif Andriasov’s String Quartet (written in 1954). People directly interested in music from that century will have more reason to read and comment on this article. What could be better than that?

There you have it. My 5 SOCIAL SEO media platforms to boost a blog. Check out my articles about blogging.

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