Nail Polish Created from Famous Artworks

Nail polish created from famous artworks.

This is my first post about women’s beauty. I am not here to preach what products to buy. I will be writing about the correlation between the past and the present. My idea for this subject will include modern day art through women’s beauty products like nail polish and how they are, even partially, inspired by great artworks of the past. I have found enough examples to write about this particular matter. My purpose for this category will be to show how art will forever be relevant in the present and the future of human society.

My first example will be a nail polish product. Take Deborah Lippmann for instance. She is a celebrity in the fashion manicurist department. Deborah has designed nail polishes for many of today’s famous stars. As we all know, inspiration can come in all kinds of ways. Thinking that she must love colors due to her profession, I can probably assume that she has some interest in art. After seeing one of her products, I can definitely say that she knows about some intricate artworks. If Deborah Lippmann never saw this piece of art that I will share with you in the next paragraph, then I would be completely shocked. Let’s get on with the example.

Deborah Lippmann has a nail polish product named Lacquer Happy Birthday. It is a mix and blend of many colors inside one bottle. Sold at Barneys New York and other retailers, this nail polish is one of her most popular works in this industry.

Nail polish created from famous artworks.

It must be really beautiful to wear this nail polish. Why do I think so? Because this product reminds me of a similar creation done by one of my favorite painters of all time. His medium was through a canvas. Which painting does this remind me of when seeing Deborah’s work? Gustav Klimt’s The Apple Tree.

Knowingly or not, there must be some sort of inspiration driven by this giant of an artist who lived in poverty for all of his life. What humanity has proved is that money should never be the driving force to create something authentic and beautiful. Money is needed to survive. To have more than one needs is not necessary due to the fact that we will not take it anywhere with us after we pass away. In financial poverty or wealth, a person can bring incredible things to this world for everyone to share, enjoy, and be inspired from. Klimt’s artwork and Lippmann’s nail polish has inspired many people and to see the coexistence between these two genres makes it a wonderful place to live.

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