New York’s Attractions You Must Visit: The Metropolitan Opera House

New York’s attractions you must visit: The Metropolitan Opera House.

There are plenty of New York’s attractions you must visit. One of them is The Metropolitan Opera House. Uniting the traditions of Art, Film, and Music in one area can be quite difficult. As you stand next to the fountain at Lincoln Center, two Chagall paintings stand tall and proud inside The Metropolitan Opera House. Several scenes in Moonstruck, the 80’s movie classic with Cher Sarkisian and Nicholas Cage, were filmed inside and outside the Met. Having an astonishing amount of great singers partaking in some incredible operas, The Metropolitan Opera House should definitely be on your list of New York’s attractions.

Originally, The Metropolitan Opera was founded in 1880 as a sort of competition with the more established Academy of Music Opera House. Being cast aside by older wealthy people, The Metropolitan Opera House’s founders wanted to create a bigger and better opera house. They did just that. The “Old Met” debuted in 1883, on 39th St. and Broadway. Being a huge success right from the beginning, the Academy of Music Opera House folded three years after that.

Several times throughout the years, The Met were planning to find a new home. Due to the stock market crash of 1929, the move to what is today Rockefeller Center was postponed. In 1953, chief architect Wallace Harrison was approached by the New York Philharmonic Society and the Met to develop a new home for these two organizations. After a long thirteen years of deliberation and work, The Metropolitan Opera House was born. On September 16th, 1966, the new building officially opened with a world premiere of Samuel Barber’s Antony and Cleopatra, directed and designed by the great Franco Zeffirelli, and choreographed by incredible Alvin Ailey.

Being there several times, I can personally say that the experience is magical. Listening to anyone of the greats can really bring you so much inspiration. Of course, the first time you will see the chandeliers rise a transcendental feeling will enrapture your heart. When the music begins, your eyes will be glued to the stage. Subtitles will be a must for those interested in the storyline. You can always just listen to the music as well. You truly can’t go wrong.

For the proper attire, read my article The Top Clothing Brands I Choose For My Wardrobe. Because this venue represents a sense of esthetic beauty and history, your clothing must represent a sense of respect towards the surrounding. In all honesty, it is best to consistently have inner style. By going outside well dressed, you show respect to everyone. I am not talking about wearing a suit all the time. Whatever you wear, keep it clean and esthetically pleasing to the eye.

Going to the opera, obviously, will not be an everyday occurrence. The prices are completely warranted. Having an ability to be transported in time, like a time machine of sorts, will be one of the many reasons to experience this world. One of the most romantic proposals possible, have a bite at Cafe Fiorello, listen to some incredible music at The Metropolitan Opera House, take a carriage ride in Central Park, and propose to your loved one. What a magical experience this all will be.

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