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Options Trading – AAPL Trade 5/30/17

Options Trading – AAPL Trade 5/30/17.

Today, I bought 24 Aapl 155 June 2nd call options @ an average of .47 price, trading around $1,130 worth. The average price of the stock was about 153.79. Apple has been my Achilles heal some of the times.

Due to the fact that I wanted to make a quick trade, I almost sold at an option price of .56 about 10 minutes into my trade. That would have been about an awesome $180 minus the commissions.

Hoping for some more money, I did not make the sale and waited to sell around .65. The trade did not happen, due to the fact that Apple started going down, and I had to wait way longer than I wanted to. My thought process was that I will not sell for a loss with three more days left.

As 11:30AM rolled in, I was still waiting for my moment and felt like slowly Aapl will get back up. Luckily, this happened rather quickly. I sold all my options at around 12:15 for the .56 price. In about two hours, I made $160 ($80 per hour). Not a bad day, considering I was sending emails, blogging, and sharing my dad’s music on Google+. The first time I wrote about my trades was Twtr.

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