Philadelphia Hotels In Center City – The Logan Hotel

Philadelphia hotels in Center City – The Logan Hotel.

Logan Hotel Decor

If you are planning to visit my city, there are plenty of Philadelphia Hotels In Center City to choose from. I highly recommend The Logan Hotel, located on 1 Logan Square. When you enter the wonderful Logan Hotel, there is a true feeling of space combined with a cosy atmosphere. This is an important quality to have in any setting. If you have a heavy arranged area, then automatically a feeling of confinement sets in. Once that occurs, naturally, a person will not be around there in the future. At The Logan, nothing feels out of place. The furniture chosen is top notch and is placed in such a way that soothes my eyes. Decor = Tre Chic.

Logan Hotel Decor 2

Although I very rarely drink alcohol, the bar is beautifully arranged. A true, classy feel reminds me of an old time in the 20’s. I could see F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby having a scene in such a setting. This is another reason why I would recommend anyone looking for Philadelphia hotels in Center City. I love how everything is placed so immaculately and thought out. The choice of colors and lighting has to be beautiful to make a bar appealing for me. They have truly done a wonderful job.

Logan Hotel Bar

The outdoor space is very beautiful and spacious as well. Last year, I worked on the computer for many hours, with the water fountain soothing my head. It was really nice to sit and focus on ideas concerning my father’s music. A good way to have a clear and good idea is to have an area that is not cluttered with things and loud noise. The tender water drops enhance a feel of rest, which in turn makes me focus much better.

Logan Hotel Bar

Having an amazing roof top bar would be too much to ask, right? Wrong! The Logan Hotel’s Assembly has a beautiful view from the 9th floor. With its vibe being chilled and also relaxing, you can go on a first date to ease the tension and enjoy talking about the scenery around. Though, I would advise you to prepare yourself beforehand by going to The Philadelphia Arts Museum. This way, you can impress your potential love interest with your knowledge in the Arts.

Jane G's Restaurant

This is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to Philadelphia hotels in Center City. If you are hungry, take a cab to Jane G’s Amazing Restaurant. You will not be disappointed.