Places to Eat in Bangor – Panda Garden

Places to eat in Bangor – Panda Garden.

Panda Garden

Panda Garden

There are several places to eat in Bangor, Maine. Whenever I am visiting this wonderful area, the first place I want to eat at is Panda Garden. Located on 123 Franklin Street, Panda Garden is owned by Mike and Josephine. Their hard work and straightforward tasty Chinese cuisine make it a definite stop if you are a local or a tourist.

It is truly important to have the right kind of people surrounding you when owning a restaurant. Having a staff that knows their menu inside out and are genuinely kind can really make or break this business. These sweet people know what kind of workers to hire. Ming, the waiter at Panda Garden, has such an amazing demeanor and will always notice when someone needs an item or just to talk. The human element is necessary, otherwise we all can shut ourselves from the world and cook our own meals.

The main reason why I consider Panda Garden my go to places to eat in Bangor is their food. My two favorite choices are either the Sesame Chicken or Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken

The Sesame Chicken has been a staple of mine since I can remember. Believe me, not all places make a good Sesame Chicken. For the last decade, I have chosen to eat this food without rice, trying to limit my carb intake, because the sauce is sweet. Sometimes, when created poorly, the breaded part will be soggy and the chicken will not taste up to par as well. Not in Panda Garden, that’s for sure. I love their texture and crispiness. Being able to finish the plate is always a good way of showing what you think of their food. As you can probably tell, nobody will be having my leftovers.

Places to Eat in Bangor - Panda Garden

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

My goodness, if I am in a mood to have something without much sugar, Chicken with Cashew Nuts immediately comes to my mind. The chicken, pieces of celery, cashews, and sauce truly brings a warm feeling in my heart. I can eat several portions of this meal at Panda Garden. Don’t get me wrong, one order is enough to get you full. It is just a shame that there should be portion control in whatever you eat. Otherwise, no matter what kind of food, either you will gain weight or be sick and tired of the monotony. I do not live in Bangor, so every choice I make for myself has to really count.

Whichever meal or appetizer you choose, try out Panda Garden. You will not be disappointed.

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