Quora – The Best Way To Help People Through Social Media

Quora – the best way to help people through social media.

There are moments in life when you need guidance. Listening to someone with knowledge on a particular subject makes a lot of sense. These people have dedicated their lives to give value in a specific craft. The ability to have a conversation with someone knowledgeable about the best recording of Sergei Prokofiev’s Second Piano Concerto face to face is a wonderful thing. But, what if you do not have anyone in your circle of friends that can explain the intricacies of Horacio Gutierrez’ pianist style? The best place to get this information from perfect strangers who know about this information would be Quora.

Quora is a platform to ask questions and give answers on any field you can think of. Based in California, everyone in the world can connect with one another through helping each other by answering their question. This concept of being able to find out about different perspectives through style, philosophy, and other ways of life is truly magnificent. Their website was made available to the public in 2010. Quora is on My Top 5 Social Media Platforms To Boost A Blog.

I value Quora highly due to the fact that it is a serious website. Meaning, the answers given here are for the most part extremely helpful and sincere. You do not want to hear negativity when asking for or giving advice. The better you can answer a question, opinion based off course, the more “upvotes” you will receive. An upvote brings your content higher on the thread than even a person who gave the answer more recently. Thus, it is very important to take your time thoroughly explaining your perspective.

For example, I live in Philadelphia. There will be questions like “Which place should I visit in Philadelphia for the weekend?” My answer would be the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then, I would give my reasons for this choice. After explaining to them in detail the incredible sights they will see, I share with them my coffee shop article Saxbys – A Neighborhood Gem on 20th and Walnut as a related link. This way, if they are interested, not only will that person know about this wonderful museum, but they will be able to have a croissant and coffee after watching a beautiful Van Gogh painting.

Because most of us are helpful beings, you will have an urge to answer as many questions as you possibly can. Try to limit yourself. It is best, for Quora moderation sake, to write about 20-25 questions and/or answers. As a side note, you can just go through people’s answers and find valueable information. Though, for the person who wrote a particular answer that you liked, it is best to leave an upvote and follow them to show the love.

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