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Retail is Dead

Retail is dead.

As more retail stores are closing down, people are not surprised or saddened about the death of retail. What most people are excited about is the ability to purchase material things at a cheaper cost. Losing the process of human interaction does not faze most, because these same people have been programmed to become selfish. As an example, a lot of “humans” take dinosaur-like facial expressioned selfies, while their fellow human being is lying in pain without a home or family.

As my wife and I said goodbye to A/X on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, the understanding that retail3 is dead ringed ever more true. It is nobody’s fault but those who want to receive things for cheaper. They do not realize that by taking away retail, soon there will be nothing to replace the space. Then, when these designer giants like Kenneth Cole or Ralph Lauren go out of business, there will be a huge void of history in their minds and hearts. 

As a great example, Amazon’s destruction of book companies such as Borders comes to mind. Borders was a book store in Columbus Circle in Manhattan. As Amazon added debt to their company by making things cheaper, they destroyed Borders and their retail prices. Recently, after more than 10 years, an Amazon book store has opened in the same complex. Due to their computer analyses, Amazon keeps you as their client and tells you which books you will be interested to read on Amazon. How about those books where you can learn something new? For a country that tries to give choice, yours are being deprived more and more.

When you walk into a retail4 store, there is a potential of meeting someone that will make you think differently. This person can later become a loved one, a close friend, or an acquaintance. A stimulating conversation can be brought out to the forefront during the process of shopping, if a person is not, of course, afraid to voice out their opinions in public. We get those kind of people most of the times these days. Not everyone, though, adheres to this frightened perspective in life and love to share their valuable opinions with others.

People are able to still make decisions on this earth. They are able to express themselves in various mediums. If you take the tongue away, though, there will be no reason to have any interactions with others, and then you will definitely become a self absorbed cretin. Can you imagine how it must feel for those people who are just like robots doing a job without feelings? You do not have to go far to see such people exist today. Those are the same people that brush off the pain of others for their own amusement.

The small pennies that a person will save shopping online will soon see how much they have lost. Like in most degenerate societies, the lack of interest and funding for true art starts first. What artistic endeavors are we striving for when you see most people listening to “music” that has only four notes rotating around and a beat that can make your ears deaf? Dont get me started on the lyrics for such triviality. If this kind of music is getting paid the most, 99% of the public will strive to be the poster child.

It is always the human’s choice. One person can pass by another suffering or instead will help another without waiting for any reperation. It is all in the perspective of a human being. These are the people to learn and adhere to, because in the end, you will not find a fake person that will stab you in the back just to get ahead. The bad person will seemingly get “ahead”, but ultimately will die living a pathetic life of self serving selfies.

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