Roger Moore Has Passed Away

Roger Moore has passed away.

Another special and wonderful actor has recently passed away. Time has not healed after the passing of John Hurt. Now, we have lost the charming and sweet actor Roger Moore.

Who can ever forget such a “refined” and sometimes goofy rendition of James Bond. He was more stern and strict in Love and Let Die. His romantic side was brilliantly depicted in For Your Eyes Only. As an action star of these movies he looked a bit out of place sometimes. But that was the sweetness of the saga. Some things were done on purpose and for others one could look passed it, because of his charm.

Roger Moore was a stoic personality in most of his films, definitely having a great diction. His voice was strong enough to make a point and that amazing smile really made Roger a memorable person and actor. Sadly, this period will continue with incredible actors passing, as that wonderful generation are in their 80’s and 90’s.

Time should stand still for these people. They should never pass away. Roger should always be there to romantically woo his ladies. Passing age should not exist. Alas, sadly it does. A big hug to Mr. Moore. I thank you so much for making my life better.

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