Saxbys – A Neighborhood Gem

Saxby’s – A neighborhood gem.

A wonderful place I like to go for work is Saxbys on 20th and Walnut Street. Finding a café that suits my needs concerning an outlet that works, a good wifi, and a vibe that does not impede my creative juices definitely is not an easy task. The computer jobs that I work on include writing articles, sending emails to music professors, erasing printing mishaps in music scores, sending social media posts, and other various intricate ventures. To find a place where I can work on all these undertakings takes a hard effort from an owner. When you include the fact that I like to drink coffee with extra cream and sugar, Saxbys fills the definite need I have in a great work environment. Kudos to the Founder and Owner of Nick Bayer.

The baristas are really kind people and truly care to make things comfortable for their customers. They speak to me and remember my name, which is not an easy task let me tell you. I have to say Arshak, pronounced like Radio Shack, to make it easier. Amazingly enough, they remember the next time I order their really good coffee. It definitely makes me feel good knowing that I am not just another no-name customer. A human interaction is key for any community oriented business. I am happy that the right people are chosen for this very difficult job.

Another little perk for customers, which might not seem much, is the community board in Saxbys. This is a big plus when you consider that there are so many happenings around the Rittenhouse area. To be able to share, for instance, my upcoming concerts, helps me be able to bring my art to the people. If, let’s say, somebody has a prior engagement and cannot get a chance to see me perform, then they would be able to look up my name on Google Search or YouTube. Enjoy the coffee, food, ambience, and activities at Saxbys.

Photo taken by Claudia Caminero –

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