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Being Selfish is Not a Good Thing

Being selfish is not a good thing.

I am truly tired of lazy people. What kind of lazy people, you ask? I am talking about inconsiderate people who always make noise when others are trying to concentrate. Selfish. No matter where it is, the library, a café, and other places, it is very important to be thoughtful towards others. When you see someone working, you must try to pick up a chair and put it comfortably for yourself, but not drag it and make noise. When you see a person that does not care about harmony in a group, then this person is lazy. He/She might not be lazy for their own selfish jobs, but they are lazy in preparing and thinking ahead. The care you bring towards others helps humanity be able to calmly work on their things.

There are too many selfish people that I have encountered. It does not matter if I am in Philadelphia, New York City, or any other place for that matter. This kind of behavior shows me that they will do anything to get ahead and be above another, instead of choosing a path that brings happiness to others. Once you lose consideration for another, you lose me as a potential friend. It might not mean much for those who do not know me, but those who have been in my life for over 15 years know how loyal I am as a friend. These people lose a chance for me to help them be a better person by giving them guidance. I will never let them drown in their own horrific behavior, unless I see that this person will never change and purposefully dragging me down and sucking all the life out my being.

Due to the emergence of cell phones and ideas like taking a selfie, we have become a generation of fools interested in showing off instead of helping others. The world can pass people by, showing them beauty that is unbelievable, but they will be focused on themselves and their amusements. When we leave the apartment, from that moment on we are in a society with people, animals, and plants surrounding us. More correctly, it is we who are involving ourselves in their surroundings. The least a person can do is to look around and try to limit the aggravation that another might feel due to our actions.

It is a very difficult job, I understand, to keep alert every moment. Especially these days, a person usually thinks that they are the center of the universe. I fault humanity and technology for this. For all good that technology has achieved, it has also ruined the capability to have a normal conversation. It builds walls between people. Once that occurs, you can definitely become a slower robot. If you keep alert in every action you do, then you will always be able to exceed today’s meager lows. But this should not be the reason to you caring for others. In a world that is self absorbed and cold, it is the love that you can bring that will make this a better place for others. No matter how lonely one gets seeing the meager personalities in this world, it is up to you to uphold a classy behavior. You will be looked upon as an outcast sometimes. If that is the case, then you are definitely doing something right.

Amazingly enough, to their dismay, the world will not end when that selfish particular person will cease to exist. For the most part, that person (with their hopes of a grand lifestyle) will be forgotten, and the fruits of their work will also be forgotten. The truly meager and horrible will be remembered for their atrocities brought to this world. The rest will be forgotten.

When I see a self absorbed person, it saddens me, because this particular person could have brought so much help for others. The potential of just one person bringing happiness and kindness for others is huge. Can you imagine a world where people would not bring pain towards others? How many great creations would have been done. All is not lost, because there are many people who are thoughtful. Those who are not have to change their way of life slowly. It is all about noticing the little things at first. Because of the lack of training, do not try to change yourself in one fall swoop. In the end, you will lose strength and not win this battle. There will be many tests done to waver your path. The stronger you can take the hits, the path becomes more visible. Good Luck to everyone and be considerate towards others.

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