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Stock Market Euphoria Not Over?

Stock Market Euphoria Not Over?

This stock market rally has been done for the elite to have more money. Print more money, take more of it, keep the poor in bad condition, and quickly eliminate those in the middle. That is the tactic done to be able to buy companies, create projects that will benefit the elite, and continue to dominate the world.

It is easy to dominate the ignorant through many means. 1. Create a dumbing down atmosphere, where one starts to adhere to this motto or look stupid amongst the ignorant. 2. If there are smart individuals that do not agree with the elite’s plan, then to ridicule them and make the public vehemently hate a person without actually knowing them. 3. If that does not work, just shut out any kind of public interaction.

Whole Foods, for instance, tried to keep us healthy for the most part. Including various foods, they tried to preserve a sense of an organic feel. Now that it has been bought by Amazon, we all know where this will turn out. Humans cannot fight this, because if they will do something violent, which is NOT the answer, then they will be portrayed as horrible human beings. How about those people that should have been on American Greed but weren’t because they were able to get off unscathed? Aren’t they the ones that perpetrated the unfairness?

The market will go higher some more, because the elite have not truly gotten the general public, yet, to believe in this rally. But, it is there. While the market will go up some more, it will not last until they feel that the public is hooked. Once that happens, the rug will be pulled under them. The elite will have gotten out, while the retail investor will lose even more money. That is how the rich get richer. Learn several things about Credit Card Debt.

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