Stress Leads to Death

Stress leads to death.

One of the most vital things in this life is to have good health. There are various ways to achieve this state of being. A person can eat healthy, exercise, or hire a personal trainer. These things can definitely help you feel good. But, all of these features will mean nothing if you are under stress.

Stress leads to death. (Click to Tweet).

Stress is the one huge function that can make or break your immune system. We have many reasons to worry about: relationships, work, money, inner development, and many others. When any of these reasons bring you to an unhappy state, you can kiss your health goodbye. Your worries bring you to do the exact opposite of what you need to do. If you feel down about your weight, then you will spend money on frivolous things to replace the happy feeling of being fit. This, then, will ruin your finances. If you are having problems in your relationship, then automatically you will binge on bad food to replace your loneliness in that particular time in the relationship. Doesn’t Ice Cream sound good when you had an argument with your significant other? During this time, though, your health (ice cream AND strain) will deteriorate and there is no way to get that back. The time and money spent makes you less healthy.

Sadly, in this life, everything intertwines with one another. There is a reason why a person acts a certain way. For instance, I cringe when I see a kid being given coca cola, fries, and other such foods by their parents. They are giving their kid a very poor example from the start of their life. Coca Cola raises the blood sugar and adds a good dose of caffeine. You give this to a kid that is forming and the results can be disastrous. The same can be said about French fries that are filled with salt. If you are not giving your child water consistently to flush out the salt in their bodies, then you are giving them a future stroke without a chance for that kid to make a mistake for themselves.

Mental Strain is not an excuse to be a horrible person. Moods can fluctuate, I will be first to admit this, but that does not give you the right to bring this anger unjustly towards another person. If you are in such a mood from the get-go, then you need to analyze what got you there. Was it something you ate? Was it looking at your bank account and seeing something you did not want to see? Once you pinpoint what brought you to this mood, it is imperative to nip that action in the bud.

You have to be strong and not live on instincts and reactions. Objectively develop into a human being. This way, slowly (because it is a process for those not informed about this) you will be able to handle your stress and not give yourself any excuses when behaving poorly. You will be the first one to notice your poor actions and will be quickly able to change it for the positive before bringing harm to others. Do not forget, when you are outside, you are dealing with everyone’s mood at that particular moment. So, to expect a kind gesture is wrong. YOU have to bring the kindness to all and automatically be ready to not get a reciprocating response. You are not bringing a correct action to get a kind response back. You are behaving the way you are because it is WHO you are. Naturally!

Tension can change a person for the worse. The worst part of stress is when you sit idle by and not try to change the given situation. If you do not have enough money on your bank account and you suffer from it, then sacrifice your time to achieve more financially. If you are in a hurtful and painful relationship, don’t let your anger or stress grow by staying in this relationship (if you feel there is no way they will change). Figure out what brings you to worry in life and try to slowly smooth it out. It also can be just your own perception that is building your stress level. Then, it is not THEM, but it is YOU.

No matter what happens, please take care of your health. No matter what you think of certain people, they all have someone who loves them. Causing them pain or bitterness will not help anyone. It will only cause more anger in your life and more wasted time that you can never get back.

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  1. Pat

    June 5, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Hi, I was wondering if the food I eat might not be helping me to reduce stress? Thanks for the article, I will share it because I think it will help people.

    1. arshakandriasov

      June 6, 2017 at 2:33 am

      Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging message. Food definitely can affect your health. It is basically a circle of intertwining things. Check if the food has a lot of sodium, sugar, or other detrimental things. All this is ok, at a limited quantity otherwise you will not survive. But too much of it can really impact your overall health. Good Luck

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